You Have Cancer

Act With CourageWho knew when I was diagnosed with cancer that I would become so immersed in cancer education, advocacy and storytelling?  I knew cancer was not going to be a walk in the park but I wanted to know what that walk was like. What was I up against? Was I going to live? What about my children?  It was a heck of a ride and I wrote an article for Indian Country Today about it and it’s still on their site (that was a surprise to me this morning!).  Here’s the story:

“You Have Cancer” published in 2009 for Indian Country Today

I feel very strongly about how cancer education is shared with the Indigenous People and that’s what really drove me to get involved with cancer education and advocacy.  I was not finding stories of strength from other Indigenous Women of how they faced and got through cancer and all of its treatments and the emotional roller coaster that comes with cancer…

I’m now on my 7th year of dancing with NED (no evidence of disease) and here’s to hoping many more of our People who face cancer will also be able to dance with NED.

Together through sharing our stories, may we change the story of cancer for our People.  I wish you strength, wellness and peace.


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