Today is National Cancer Survivors Day

Act With Courage


“Cancer Forces You to Live a Different Story”

I have learned when it comes to cancer and its treatments that it affects everyone differently… However it is faced, we
do not get through it untouched. It impacts your life, your loved ones; it messes with your head and emotions, but we
get through it.

Dancing with cancer is a hard dance; it sometimes changes our pace, our rhythm, our thoughts, and it makes us come face
to face with what we do not want to face. It forces us to live a different story, but it’s our story and we get through it.

Honor and hold those who have had cancer or are facing it, we will get through this together and may there be many more
of us who survive cancer and may one day, may there be a cure for cancer so we will not have a need to have a National
Cancer Survivors Day…

I wish you strength, wellness and peace.

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