Sharing Our Stories

There is No EndingWhen going through cancer and its treatments, we know it will not be easy, but we all want to know what we are up against.  We all deal with cancer differently, but there are some things we all experience that are similar: fear, sickness, feeling weak, isolated and frustrated.  But.  These are not the only feelings we have, we also develop a strength that we may not realized we have.

For many of us cancer is a long haul and sometimes you need some help… Being brave is hard to do day after day by yourself. Some days you will be brave, other days you’ll need someone to be brave for you and sometimes, you can strengthen your bravery by listening to others’ stories.

Stories do not have to be verbal, they can be a picture, a poem, digital storytelling, or one of my favorite ways is sharing  your story through your art.  You can have conversations around your kitchen table with other survivors or you can even start a healing circle for survivors in your community, but when that’s not available, hopefully you will use this site as your kitchen table.

Listen to other survivors’ stories and use them to help make you strong, each other strong, and may we continue to be brave in spirit so that we may be brave for those who will follow. Let’s share our stories ♥

Our Stories

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