Cancer Support Leadership Training

This is an interactive 3-day training course that I highly recommend if you are wanting to learn how to facilitate a cancer support group for your community.Leadership-Cancer-Support-Training



Learn about Colon Health and Screenings

Dear Friends,

In my professional life, I develop online cancer learning modules. We are doing our best to develop a respectful online cancer education course for our Tribal communities and we have published a new learning module: “Awakening Choices – Colon Health”; it is item #1 under “Learning Modules”:

In this module participants will learn about recommended screening exams that prevent colorectal cancer and it was developed with the feedback we have received so far about what eLearning looks like for Community Health Aide Practitioners (CHAPs) in Alaska. Although our learning modules are for continuing education for CHAPs, community members can benefit from the learning modules also.

Please feel free to take the module and distribute.

Wishing you the best,
Laura Revels, Moderator of this Page and
Cancer eLearning Manager & Trainer

Share Your Story

If we were brought up in a household where it was not OK to share feelings or that strength was shown through silence, it can make it difficult to talk about your cancer experience… When I went through treatments, I blogged, talked with others in the chemotherapy room, saw a traditional healer and even joined a cancer support group, both in-person and online. I didn’t do all of this at first, it took my third chemotherapy treatment that made me realize I could not do it alone… I hope you find a way to share your story. I wish you strength and wellness.

Find Your Voice


(Native Wellness Institute’s FB page:

Looking Forward

Cancer affects us all differently, and not only does it impact our life, it impacts our loved ones lives too.  This storyteller, Jake shares his story that honors his uncle who had bone marrow cancer.  “Embrace and stretch our spirits.” – Jake.

I wish you strength and wellness.

Write it Out

untold storyI found that writing every day was helpful; it was a nice way to “let it all hang out” and it was another way to help relieve the stress of treatments, worrying about cancer and if it was going away. It was another way of taking care of myself during such a hard time.

Trying to keep your feelings inside you all the time during cancer is tiring; writing helps.  Want to give it a try?  A writing group specifically for those who have or are currently dancing with cancer are encouraged to register for this free writing group put on by Cancer Care:

Healing with Words

If you take this, want to come back and share with us how it went?

I wish you strength and wellness,

Facing Cancer

Facing cancer is tough and talking about it can be tough too.  Here’s a well-done short movie about facing cancer that was filmed and produced by Longhouse Media in Seattle, WA that was developed for Native People for Cancer Control in Seattle, WA. A quote from the movie: “We are women of strength.”