Just Don’t

When I was going through cancer treatments I got to the point where I would just absolutely go tone-deaf when someone started to give me “advice” on dealing with cancer, or tell me if I just did this or that I could “cure” my cancer. Really?!?! I use to think I needed to be understanding when people did this as they were just trying to be “helpful” but it wasn’t helpful. It left me angry sometimes. Sometimes I was sad because people just didn’t get it, they just didn’t get how cancer turns your life upside down, how you are looking at your own mortality, and how frightening this can be…

Please be gentle with one another, and if you have a love one going through cancer, try other ways to just be there for them, but don’t be offering “advice” or telling them that they brought it upon themselves, please don’t…

(Click on this article that talks more about what not to talk to cancer patients about: Don’t tell cancer patients…)

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