If I Only Knew Take 2

When I was going through cancer the second time, I had to have some heavy-duty cancer treatments that involved: chemotherapy, radiation, herceptin, zometa and 5.5 years of Arimidex, a hormone-suppressant. Cancer treatments was one of the hardest things I had ever done and have wrote many times about it and how to get through it.

Circle of SupportBack in 2008 I wrote “If I only Knew“, and many of the things I wrote back then can apply to today still. When I was going through cancer treatments, asking for help was not something I was comfortable with, and tried to barrel through it like I do anything hard in my life 😉 but I realized, with cancer, barreling through is not enough. You need a helping hand

Nowadays, there’s places online, where you can organize folks to help out the person who is dancing with cancer, here’s two of them, and I hope, if you ever have cancer, you’ll asking for help, and if you know someone who is going through cancer, be specific in saying what you can help with. Please do not just say, “if you need anything just let me know” because most people dancing with cancer will not let you know. Be gentle with one another, help one another, and I wish us all peace, wellness and strength ♥ 

Share the Care: Creating a Strong Support Network

Meal Train: Organizing Meals

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