Honor Yourself

Beaded Bear

I beaded this bear in honor of a dear friend who had to deal with cancer.

I don’t know about you, but when I was going through my cancer treatments, my self-esteem took a beating.  It took everything I had to go out in public because I felt so ugly and unsure of myself 🙁 I know part of this was because of the way I looked and because of the way the drugs made me feel: depressed and sick.

Now I’m always talking about honoring yourself and your feelings and I sure needed a boost…  Well this morning I found an article on “10 Ways to Honor Thyself” by Rev. Laurie Sue Brockway, and there is a section I’d like to share with you.  She talks about taking a word that may have a negative meaning and giving it a positive spin, her example was the word “selfish”:

S Nurture your SPIRIT.
E ENJOY moments alone.
L LOVE yourself.
F Keep FIT and FEEL good.
I Make your unique needs IMPORTANT.
S SHOWER yourself with gifts.
H Be HAPPY and open-HEARTED.

What I like about this, is we cancer survivors need to learn to be “selfish”. 🙂 I liked this idea of taking a negative word and putting a positive spin on it, so I did it on the word Cancer:

C CARE about you and your feelings.
A ALLOW others to care for you.
N NURTURE and pamper yourself.
C CELEBRATE your successes!
E EMBRACE your life!
R RESPECT yourself.

And although I do not like how cancer made me feel, I can honor the experience and my feelings 🙂

It is ever one foot in front of the other friends; here’s to honoring ourselves and our experiences!

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