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RoseI want to be thoughtful about writing about this piece. It’s heartbreaking. It’s real. And for me as someone who has had cancer, it is so frustrating and maddening.

Last month I had lost a friend to metastatic cancer…

8 years ago, I lost a heart-friend to metastatic cancer. It was because of her I became so involved with cancer advocacy, cancer education and the anti-pinking of cancer. She had such an impact on me.

Because of my heart-friend, I took a stand about the “upbeat cancer patient” and advocated for being real and honoring your feelings. I didn’t find cancer sexy. I didn’t like how having cancer was becoming like “belonging to a club.” A club!

I didn’t find it OK that we were spending all this money on awareness – we are so beyond awareness and I stopped supporting a few organizations financially who spend so much money on awareness and pink ribbons… How about spending more on supporting the cancer patient?! For finding and eliminating the cause of cancer?!

And now one of my good friends loses her friend, this friend in this story. This story is powerfully written, it hurts to read such a story, it hurts to think of the 108 women who die daily from cancer…

108 women… It’s personal. It’s political. It’s horrific.

Do something. Speak up against cancer. Advocate for increased funding and for tracking metastatic recurrence! Support this researcher mentioned in this story. Do something. Be mad. Move beyond awareness!

Beth Caldwell’s impact on metastatic breast cancer



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