changeChanges happen when you face cancer. Some are obvious, like hair loss, weight gain or loss, swelling, or being so pale – I was so pale, I almost glowed in the dark 😉 And then there are some changes that are not so obvious. The exhaustion, the emotional toll of cancer, or a weakened immune system 🙁 All of this may make us become less active and make us want to stay indoors more… Cancer and its treatments change your life, and sometimes those changes may not be welcomed.

Honor the grief that comes from all of these changes, and then try to find things that make you smile, that bring you peace, and help you feel solid within yourself. For me, it was walking slowly during treatments – I kept telling myself “put one foot in front of the other” over and over and over, until it became like a song, as I walked through a park with my dog; also coloring, drawing, writing, and beading helped. So all the changes were not chaotic for me. I learned again, how to enjoy a mellower lifestyle, I reconnected with my traditional arts, and 8 years later, I’m still walking with my dog in the park  ♥ 

Change happens. Honor your feelings. Think of what has helped you through changes before, and pull on that strength to help you during this time. If you need help, find a support group, or talk with your traditional healer, find ways to help you live in a good way during your cancer journey. I wish you peace, wellness, and strength during this time of transition  

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