Category: Cancer and Grief

Life Goes On

“Life goes on” nowhere more do these three words Drive you insane Cause a pain deep within your heart Cause so many tears How can life go on when you’re dealing with cancer? At first I thought these three words only had the ability to hurt me while I was dealing with Chemotherapy Radiation Herceptin …

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Do Something


I want to be thoughtful about writing about this piece. It’s heartbreaking. It’s real. And for me as someone who has had cancer, it is so frustrating and maddening. Last month I had lost a friend to metastatic cancer… 8 years ago, I lost a heart-friend to metastatic cancer. It was because of her I …

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Heavy Heart

Pondering deep thoughts about cancer… I’ve been doing cancer education and outreach for about 9 years now… It was a good friend of mine who I went through chemotherapy with that convinced me that I needed to go out and be cancer warrior for our people and do something about cancer education and support with …

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