I am a cancer education trainer, cancer advocate, and digital storyteller trainer who is is trying to help change the story of cancer in our Alaska Native and American Indian communities.

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Life Goes On

“Life goes on” nowhere more do these three words Drive you insane Cause a pain deep within your heart Cause so many tears How can life go on when you’re dealing with cancer? At first I thought these three words only had the ability to hurt me while I was dealing with Chemotherapy Radiation Herceptin …

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Do Something


I want to be thoughtful about writing about this piece. It’s heartbreaking. It’s real. And for me as someone who has had cancer, it is so frustrating and maddening. Last month I had lost a friend to metastatic cancer… 8 years ago, I lost a heart-friend to metastatic cancer. It was because of her I …

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Anti-Pink – Another Perspective

Stop Pinking of Cancer

Pink: cute, feminine, sweet, playful, tender Cancer: a disease in which abnormal cells destroy body tissue. There are more than 100 types of cancer. NOW WHAT IS CUTE, FEMININE, SWEET, PLAYFUL OR TENDER ABOUT CANCER?! NOTHING! Pink also means Pink Ribbons, which we are attacked with every October – to celebrate breast cancer awareness and …

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Heavy Heart

Pondering deep thoughts about cancer… I’ve been doing cancer education and outreach for about 9 years now… It was a good friend of mine who I went through chemotherapy with that convinced me that I needed to go out and be cancer warrior for our people and do something about cancer education and support with …

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Cancer Affects All

Gunalchéesh to this storyteller for sharing her story. Cancer affects all who is around the person facing it directly, be gentle with one another, help one another, and remember to care enough for yourself, your family, your loved ones, and get your cancer screenings OK? P.S. This storyteller talks about Grade in this story. Grade …

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Good Words

Helping Friends With Cancer

If you know someone going through cancer, don’t wait for them to ask you for help, don’t give them advice, don’t tell them to think positive… Honor where they are at and their feelings. Be gentle with one another, and just be a good friend. To all those who are dancing with cancer, I wish …

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If I Only Knew Take 2

Circle of Support

When I was going through cancer the second time, I had to have some heavy-duty cancer treatments that involved: chemotherapy, radiation, herceptin, zometa and 5.5 years of Arimidex, a hormone-suppressant. Cancer treatments was one of the hardest things I had ever done and have wrote many times about it and how to get through it. …

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Be in a Good Place

Beaded Bear

When I was going through chemotherapy, beading was one of the ways that helped me through the stress. It brought me to a peaceful place as I remembered my grandma who taught me to bead. She always said before we beaded, that we needed to be in a good place before we make our beadwork …

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Understanding Cancer

Cancer Basics

I am happily sharing what we are learning from developing our online cancer education course, and what helps our course be so wonderful is the stories, we have used digital stories throughout the course to demonstrate and to share knowledge around some difficult conversations or to help understand certain things about cancer. Thank you to …

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Just Don’t

Article from the Guardian's Photo

When I was going through cancer treatments I got to the point where I would just absolutely go tone-deaf when someone started to give me “advice” on dealing with cancer, or tell me if I just did this or that I could “cure” my cancer. Really?!?! I use to think I needed to be understanding …

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