July 2016 archive

Jul 16

Facing Loss as a Survivor

Still With You

Today I am sharing with an open heart, and with many prayers of healing and comfort to the cancer survivors/warriors/advocates who are reading today’s post. This week another friend who had cancer walked on, and this has brought me to thinking how many of us have lost friends and loved ones to this disease, and …

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Jul 08

Growing Pains


Sharing Our Knowledge needs to grow into a robust online community for Alaska Native and American Indian Cancer Survivors living in Alaska. I currently am managing this resource as a volunteer and need some assistance in helping this resource grow, so I’ve started a Go Fund Me campaign to help offset some of the costs …

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Jul 05



Changes happen when you face cancer. Some are obvious, like hair loss, weight gain or loss, swelling, or being so pale – I was so pale, I almost glowed in the dark 😉 And then there are some changes that are not so obvious. The exhaustion, the emotional toll of cancer, or a weakened immune …

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Jul 04

Growing Pains

I am in the process of rebuilding Sharing Our Knowledge to be more of a community engagement and storytelling online community for Indigenous cancer survivors/advocates/warriors living in rural Alaska. I hope to have it grow to include other communities outside of Alaska, but for right now, this is the focus while we grow. In order …

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