June 2015 archive

Words of Wisdom

Grassroots Healing

I am honored these two are my friends and think the world of these two, Amy and Doug Modig. Their story is the story of many of us and when we are brought up as being “unacceptable” or “less” than others, it affects us mentally, emotionally, spiritually and these impact our health, our well-being, and …

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Honor Yourself

Beaded Bear

I don’t know about you, but when I was going through my cancer treatments, my self-esteem took a beating.  It took everything I had to go out in public because I felt so ugly and unsure of myself 🙁 I know part of this was because of the way I looked and because of the way the …

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Today is National Cancer Survivors Day

Act With Courage

  “Cancer Forces You to Live a Different Story” I have learned when it comes to cancer and its treatments that it affects everyone differently… However it is faced, we do not get through it untouched. It impacts your life, your loved ones; it messes with your head and emotions, but we get through it. …

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